A fictional round table discussion, fabricated from excerpts drawn from nine two-on-one interviews conducted over Zoom.

An attempt to subvert the isolating infrastructure of the digital device as a means of developing more intimate connections with others.

In the same way that visiting the home of a friend or acquaintance allows for the maturation of trust in a relationship, our proposal to “intrude” on the private (digital) space of others represents an attempt to establish a physical connection through technology.

Participants include Wendi Yan, Laurel Schwulst, Lawrence Lek, Eric Li, Rindon Johnson, Leslie Liu, Ben Denzer, Jonathan Zong, and Tiger Dingsun.

All interviews were conducted by Cammie Lee and Megan Pai.

Edition of 100
52 pages
8.5 x 11 in
Pamphlet stitch, Riso print, Hanji-paper book jacket
Brooklyn, NY