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Coffee Table Book


Documentation of my coffee table from Sunday night thru Friday morning




CAPSULE was born out of a nucleus of creative isolation. Through a series of musical and artistic collisions, our orbits aligned in the vacuum of Princeton. The three of us shared a desire to channel our creative energies and passions—design, photography, writing, and art—into a concentrated project which we could then share with others. From conversations about sentient reactivity, cavities, and super entities, we arrived at CAPSULE.

CAPSULE is not a magazine, periodical, publication, journal, or newsletter, but rather precisely what the name suggests. It preserves the dynamic relationships between people and place. We document the stories of artists and their work, as we believe that self-identifying creatives have experiences which directly align with our mission. A place, defined as a space that has been modified/filled by/with people, occupies a central role in the process of the artist who occupies it. A symbiosis of person and place manifests as the artist generates content in reaction to what they experience.

We hope our work encourages greater mindfulness in perceiving and interacting with the spaces that surround our bodies. With the supersonic development of technology and the vast database of online media, our society has become increasingly desensitized to the alluring traces of brilliance in all things, blindly consuming images with haste. CAPSULE emerges as a counter-response to the contemporary state of media consumerism, to remind you (and ourselves) to appreciate actively. Allow this to inspire you to embrace life with greater vitality.

Order of Operations




Conduct a six-week study of the fundamental distinction between additive and subtractive color, as manifest by R-G-B and C-M-Y-K color models.


A 255-page diary of investigations, starring C-M-Y colored materials imported into the R-G-B digital space. Each composition utilizes digital collaging techniques to display the effects of mixing subtractive soaps, wallets, and bottles, with additive shapes, text, and highlights. The iterative process yields increasingly complex results as the operations accumulate.

Preview of 255 pages



This semester, though we found ourselves scattered through time and space, our orbits now align as we gather in this online setting. While many aspects of our physical conditions cannot be fully transmitted through the screen, we can still present elements of our personal environments through the medium of the web.

On hovering over the bars which line the top of the page, you will find the names of the artists exhibiting in this show, positioned according to their current geographic location.

Each artist’s gallery is represented by a gradient which glows with warmth like the Earth’s molten core; the top and bottom hues are respectively set according to individual lighting and temperature preferences. Upon exiting the home page, you may enter any of the 15 galleries. The calibration of ideal exhibition settings is visible in the shifting brightness and warmth of the grey backgrounds as an indication of the brightness and warmth of those spaces.

Are You What You Eat?

Website__2020__Documentation of food-related experiments with Victor Guan

Experiment A, 01

Experiment A, 02

Experiment A, 03

Experiment A, 04

Experiment A, 05

Experiment A, 06

Experiment A, 07

Experiment A, 08

Experiment A, 09

Experiment A, 10

Experiment A, 11

Experiment A, 12

Experiment A, 13

Experiment A, 14

Experiment A, 15

Experiment A, 16

Experiment A, 17

Experiment A, 18

Experiment A, 19

Experiment A, 20

Experiment A, 21

Experiment A, 22

Experiment A, 23

Experiment A, 24

Experiment A, 25

Experiment A, 26

Experiment A, 27

Experiment B



An ongoing project with my digital photo archive.

I take 10-100 photos every day with my phone. I want to remember the cherry blossoms and fallen petals. But when there are 31,255 images stored in my Recents album and I cannot find the moments that I miss, maybe I have lost them all. I imagine the digital space to be one of permanence, free from deterioration and loss. But keepsakes can turn into clutter, and unlike printed matter, digital images seem to lose presence and value with time. This project is an ongoing effort to recover moments decaying in the excess of an overflowing archive. Each collage is produced from a unique collection of photos based on subject, composition, or concept. The newly established relationships are materialized in the form of a glassine sheet that allows for light to seep through in a similar way as the light through our screens. But it is physical, durable, and offers infinite capacity in its potential for rearrangement without the false claim of space.

The Original



Contains nuts and

Against Interpretation



Self-initiated project as a tool for studying Korean

Meditation Space


Junior Studio project under the instruction of Elisa Silva

Lock 8 along the Delaware and Raritan Canal is marked by the Kingston Canal House, a non-insulated structure of roughly 450 square-feet with an accompanying wooden shed. This proposed renovation to the site which was once a shelter for the bridge tender involves the construction of a public space for meditation, encouraging visitors to pause in the same spirit as the activity along the canal. Just as the swing bridges located along the canal served as a responsive metric for the assortment of vessels moving through the passage, the renovation will likewise produce a collection of spaces that caters to a diverse public. A single underground complex will fill the space beneath the existing structure, connecting a series of cells varying in depth, temperature, and lighting conditions to promote an awareness of the environment and the body.

Site Plan

Ground Plan

Underground Plan

Hot and Cold Cellss

Front and Back Elevations

Longitudinal Section

Transverse Sections

Exploded Axonometric






Rice Clock


This clock runs on an 18-minute loop. Use it as a timer for cooking rice, or as a new and improved method for increasing your productivity, Ă  la Pomodoro.




Design, publish, and disperse a book as an archive. The book will be an image reader. It will contain images as its primary content, with text allowed only as captions. The book will reveal—through its reading—a coherent idea of a collection of images that are bound together through shared metadata. Metadata will generate a design idea and a material book design.


"High Cleansing Honey"

"Soft Baby Bath"










Quiet Things







Party of One


Private Matters


Dark Room






Aisthetikos offers an interpretation of art and its methods. Formal, temporal, and auditory distortions invoke a shift in the viewer’s desire to consume the image. Objectivity, and perceptions of function and beauty are lost in the awakening of sense perception.

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Nice Juicy Apple



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City Collage: Hong Kong



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Spring Design Workshop Series hosted by Princeton University Student Design Agency

Princeton University Nassau Literary Review call for submissions

Princeton University Nassau Literary Review winter launch

Princeton Creators Collective Guest Lecture



The Scribe is the official Columbia Schoalstic Press Association gold-award-winning student-run news magazine fo Francis Parker School, printed and distributed five times a year.



Bema is Francis Parker School’s literary arts magazine, containing a range of student work in poetry, prose, illustration, ceramics, and painting, printmaking, and photography. It is printed and distributed once a year.